Nutrition Curricular Internship

Job description

The Company

Nutrium is the health tech company behind one of the leading nutrition software solutions in the global market. Ever since our inception, we’ve been finding ways to further improve the connection between nutritionists and their clients in a bet to improve nutrition worldwide by closing the gap between search and demand.

Our team has been working hard for the past few years to lead Nutrium to the top of the nutrition software ranking worldwide - and we did it. Over the years, we built a software solution that allows nutrition professionals to be their best versions, using a complete, secure, and friendly platform to manage their practice and follow up with their clients. As a result, we have become the most complete and fastest-growing nutrition software globally. Step by step, we are reaching our ultimate goal: to make nutrition accessible to anyone.

In 2021, the time had come to start a new chapter. We shot for the stars and landed right where people needed us: their workplace. We enabled companies to offer the best nutrition care to their employees in an easy, sustainable way. We showed how companies could see nutrition as the missing ingredient in their wellness plan and Nutrium as the link between their employees and a diverse network of dietitians bearing the best nutrition-related knowledge. It is time to scale our operation and strengthen the team with the skill and talent to boost our sales results.

The Team
We’re a young and motivated team of entrepreneurs that thrive on working as a team — sharing experiences, solving problems together, learning from our seniors, teaching our juniors, and going the extra mile to achieve something thought to be impossible.

Know that by joining us, you become part of something more than a software development company. You become part of a mission. A mission to tackle one bad nutritional habit at a time, to make nutrition accessible to all, to create a world where nutrition is never a problem, only a solution.

Working at Nutrium means sharing these beliefs. Not just in words but in actions. Only those who constantly strive toward greatness can achieve it. We want to create the best nutrition platform globally and make it even better. And we will.

Our offices are located in Lisbon and Braga, or anywhere you choose to go remote. It is your choice, and regardless of it, we're sure that you’ll find a warm, welcoming environment and a solution that will suit your every need. Notwithstanding, as we enjoy spending some time together, you may expect to meet the team in person occasionally for some group meetings.

The Role

As a nutrition trainee, you will be a crucial part of a new and growing department. You’ll get the chance to put your acquired knowledge into practice and help our platform be even greater. With your nutrition background, you will contribute to the improvement of our platform scientifically, as a future nutrition professional you will have the opportunity of impacting nutritional care, and as a trainee, you will have the opportunity to make a difference in your career. 

At Nutrium, we will ensure that you have all the tools you need to help us grow and we will make sure we make you grow with us. Here's how you will be able to shape the world of nutrition:

  • Help improve people's quality of life by supporting nutritionists to improve their work. How? 
    • Keeping them updated with the current evidence, through the production of content, streamlining their consultations with the creation of meal plans, recipes, and even information to offer their patients.
  • Help educate consumers about available food products and the food industry. How?
    • Contributing to making Nutrium's database the most complete on the market, integrating and validating commercial databases, and even making partnerships with companies.
  • Helping company employees to have healthier eating habits and improve their overall health. How?
    • Improving the Nutrium Care program and guidelines with webinars, content newsletters, and other food education initiatives.

Job requirements

Who you are

You are an ambitious nutrition student looking for an internship that aims to impact millions' lives and change how nutritional counseling is done. You are a people person, empathetic and customer-focused. You love talking to people and have good knowledge of other languages (this is a plus that we value a lot)!

You like to work as a team, exceed yourself, and accept any challenge, always giving it your all. You may not have all the answers but are eager to search for them, and you have a special appreciation for all things nutrition innovation, technology, and research.

Most importantly, you question the world around you, and you always try to find a better way to achieve your goals.

Here's what else is required from you:

  • Mandatory background in the Nutrition field (BSc in Nutritional Sciences or equivalent);

  • Fluent in English (mandatory);

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;

  • Full and immediate availability;

  • Based in Portugal, Spain, France, or Italy;

  • Ability and desire to work and excel in a fast-paced environment;

  • Excellent multitasking and project management skills;

  • Driven by a strong desire to keep improving;

  • Well-organized, with high attention to detail and the ability to prioritize;

  • A team player with a positive and can-do attitude.