Head of B2B (Sales & Business Development)

Job description

The Company

Nutrium is the health tech company behind one of the leading nutrition software solutions in the global market. Ever since our inception, we’ve been finding ways to further improve the connection between nutritionists and their clients, in a bet to improve nutrition worldwide by closing the gap between search and demand.

None of our milestones would’ve been reached without key values supporting each of our decisions. We believe that everyone can make a difference, regardless of their job title or previous experience. We believe in continuous improvement and trying new things. We believe in making mistakes and learning from them. We believe in working as a team towards shared goals. And most of all, we believe in being the best.

Working at Nutrium means sharing these beliefs. Not just in words, but in actions. Only those who constantly strive towards greatness can achieve it. We want to create the best nutrition platform in the world and then make it even better. And we will.

The Team

We’re a young and motivated team of entrepreneurs that thrive on working as a team. Sharing experiences, solving problems together, learning from our seniors, teaching our juniors, going the extra mile to achieve something thought to be impossible.

Know that by joining us you become part of something more than a software development company. You become part of a mission. A mission to tackle one bad nutritional habit at a time, to make nutrition accessible for all, to create a world where nutrition is never a problem, only a solution.


Our offices are located in Braga, Lisbon, or everywhere if you choose to go remote. It is your choice and regardless of it, we’re sure that you’ll find a warm welcoming environment and a solution that will suit your every need.

The Role

For the past few years, our team has been working hard to lead Nutrium to the top of the nutrition software ranking worldwide - and we did it. Over the years we managed to build a software solution that allows nutrition professionals to be their best versions, using a complete, secure, and friendly platform to manage their practice and follow-up their clients. We have become the most complete and fastest-growing nutrition software in the world, and step by step we are reaching our ultimate goal: make nutrition accessible to anyone.

Now it is time for another chapter, and we need someone experienced, ambitious, and overall top-notch to help us write it. And that person can be you!

We want to shoot for the stars and land right where people need us: their workplace. How? We will enable companies to offer the best nutrition care to their employees, in an easy, sustainable way. We want companies to see nutrition as the missing ingredient in their wellness plan and Nutrium as the link between their employees and a diverse network of dietitians bearing the best nutrition-related knowledge. To kick start this business model we want to test it in a European market where the company is already well established, namely Portugal, Spain or France. You will have one job: help us make it or break it in this new area we are venturing in. This is the step that we believe will speed up our growth rate and you’ll be the missing piece that will start the right conversations and make the right connections.

As our Head of B2B, you will help us prepare and iterate our business plan, be responsible for its entire lifecycle, and grow a global ecosystem funded on meaningful and trusting relationships, while driving new large accounts sales. You will work side by side with our multidisciplinary team with vast knowledge about Nutrium and its core values and establishing market-wide strategies and tactics to make our Corporate Wellness B2B Business the business model of the century.

Here are listed your core responsibilities:

  • Manage and lead the entire lifecycle of our corporate wellness B2B business;

  • Drive new large account sales and build healthy sales pipelines;

  • Grow from scratch a global ecosystem, funded on meaningful and trusting relationships;

  • Strategically plan and seek out for new market opportunities and trends in order to gain market share and exceed revenue growth quota;

  • Provide partner feedback to our cross-functional teams, maintaining open and ongoing communications with Nutrium’s CEO;

  • Spot and target the fundamental drivers of the business, customers, partners, and competitors;

  • Design action plans and define escalation techniques to scale up our growth and stay on top of goals and objectives;

  • Pursue opportunities for long-term growth and revenue from customers.

Job requirements

Who you are

You are a natural leader with a growth, analytical and strategic mindset, a business-driven person who combines a rich and enlightening background with an eagerness to go the extra mile and challenge the status quo. Someone with a sales DNA, thrilled to embrace a new challenge and excited to make a massive impact on a fast-paced start-up.

You are the one that never takes anything for granted, the one with the greatest ambition, curiosity, and hunger vision. As our Head of B2B, you will be the key decision-maker for this exciting adventure. You are the missing piece that orchestrates every single aspect of our corporate wellness B2B business model, the person that will fuel the company’s hyper-growth trajectory!

Here's what else is required from you:

  • 2/3+ years of experience in Sales or Business Development;

  • Strong B2B experience (experience in the healthcare industry is a plus);

  • Track record of planning, development, and implementation of new business activity;

  • Extensive background on managing, negotiating and closing complex sales cycles;

  • Ability to work credibly at all levels, and quickly establish C-level rapport;

  • Strong network of contacts across enterprise organizations in the Portuguese ecosystem;

  • Experienced in gaining executive buy-in on key initiatives;

  • Passionate about operating in a fast-paced, collaborative, and dynamic startup environment;

  • Proven ability to grow revenues to a substantial level;

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills;

  • Challenging, curious and astute approach: ability to question the status quo, influence, and drive change;

  • Ability to quickly understand and articulate Nutrium's existing and new value propositions;

  • Tenacious, ambitious, and hungry person in nature;

  • Self-critical and eager to evolve and optimize the sales processes, tools, and methods;

  • Self-starter mentality with a proven ability to successfully drive projects to closure;

  • Ability to diagnose problems quickly, have foresight into potential issues, rabbit holes, or blockers, and strategically define an action plan;

  • A strong grasp of data analysis, performance metrics, and data-driven attitude;

  • Excellent interpersonal and team-building skills: passionate about working with a diverse and cross-functional team; an evangelist for collaboration and teamwork;

  • Able to know when to seek guidance;

  • Native in written and spoken Portuguese;

  • High Proficiency in written and spoken English, Spanish, or French ;

  • A love for nutrition and a track record in a nutrition or wellness-related field or company is a very welcomed plus.